Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CRAFTY TUESDAY Vintage Scarf Necklace

I LA LA LOVE this cowl scarf necklace!  I have been going crazy making these!  Easy, cute, casual or fancy....LOVE.

What you will need to get started:
1. A long vintage neck scarf measuring 30 to 40 inches long and no more than 12 inches wide.  I really like using smooth silky ones. 
2.A small piece of stretch fabric measuring 2 x 3 inches.  You can use an old scrap piece of a T-shirt.
3. A floral applique doiley, or jewelry of some sort.


Once you have all of your supplies you are ready to begin.
First you take your small piece of fabric and sew it together to make a loop.  Second you loop the fabric onto your scarf.  Once the loop of fabric is on the scarf you can sew the two ends of the scarf together.
Then you can move your loop to the area that you sewed together. In order to keep this in place you can hand sew a few stitches to keep it in place.

Finally, you take your floral applique and wrap that around a place on the scarf.  I prefer placing it off center.  You can hand sew or machine sew the floral applique (doily or jewelry) in place.

Viola, You now have a beautiful cowl necklace made from a vintage scarf!  If the cowl is long enough you can wrap it around your neck twice for added volume.  You can also use a square scarf that is cut into strips and sewn together.




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