Saturday, January 9, 2010


Good Morning Sunshine!

I know I'm a bit late making the New Years Resolutions but I've been thinking about it and I should make a few, right?

1. Go to the gym. I decided that while my son is in TaeKwonDo I may as well hit up the gym next door. I challenge myself to go at least twice a week.

2. Finish my bedroom project. I almost bought a huge vintage picture frame the other day but past on it. It wasn't quite perfect enough! I will keep looking.

3. Paint paint and paint some more. My house still hasn't been painted because I'm indecisive on colors. You see my kitchen (the only room in the house that is finished) is a teal green/blue color. What matches with this?

4. Eat better. Duh.

5. Have a spot of tea at least every day.

6. Cut down on coffee. Yikes, this is unbelievably hard for me....I really want some right now!

7. Get my gorgeous art deco style sofa recovered. A magical teal blue color. Can you tell I like teal? ( A lighter color than the kitchen of course).

8. Work on new reconstructed vintage projects for the shop. This will be fun!

9. Take a class!

10. Take one shopping trip every month for more pretty vintage things!

Ok, now I'm accountable! Wish me luck and I wish you a very very happy year!

La La Love,


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