Friday, January 29, 2010


The kitchen is my favorite room in the house.  When I'm not sleeping or in my office, this is where you'll find me.   I love to cook and I have a 5 year old boy that eats constantly, so I spend a lot of time here.  When we  moved in the sink fixtures were gone and we needed a new stove and microwave.  A big THANK YOU to my sister in law for the new fixtures, which I adore.  I went with white appliances but my first choice was this cute little pink stove . Which unfortunately, wasn't in our budget.

I love the color teal and painted the room a  magical shade.  I left one side a light gray but I'm thinking of putting it in the rest of the room.  Hmmm...
I fix toast with Nutella all day long for the little guy.

I'm not crazy about the oak but it will have to do for now.

This is my thrifted spice rack in a lovely shade of green.

I've collected random drink glasses from the second hand and I love my eclectic mix.

Totally random!

In this photo I have several of my faves.  First of all the old radio, I picked up at an estate sale from a collector, he had about 50 different ones.  My only regret is not buying the pink one.  What was I thinking??  The vintage camera belonged to my Papa years ago.  I also have a mini cookbook collection, yum! That cute little puppy dog is Mr.Charles and he is full of tasty pink and whites!

 One of my favorite things to do is cook for my family.  I'm not the greatest and on occasion we've had to scrap it and go out for dinner, but I still love doing it!  Although I'm not a big wine drinker, people often give me wine.  If you are a wine drinking connoisseur,
Briar Rose
in Temecula, Ca. has some of the best wine in the world.  Seriously.

Here is Miss Shelley, my son's pet Rose Hair Tarantula.  We keep her in the kitchen because in any other room we might forget about her, and we don't want to do that.  

More Recipes.


I love my collection of recipe cards from this Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library.  All of the meals are divided up into sections such as; Mens Favorites, American Classics, Snack Around The Clock, and my favorite, Hurry Up Main Dishes.  e have a lot of fun just looking at the recipe cards.

And that is my kitchen, it's the only room in my house that is mostly finished (someday I will redo the cupboards).  I hope you enjoyed the little peak!  Now it's back to work for me.

Happy Friday and have a super weekend!


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Anonymous said...

This may seem like an odd request, but I just acquired one of those cute betty crocker recipe boxes for myself and it's missing a card! Do you think you could possibly scan it or type it out? I know this is totally anal of me, but I won't be able to sleep with an incomplete set. If there are any you are missing I will be happy to return the favor.
It is card number 9 from section S "hurry up main dishes" and the recipe is for "Easy Chicken Gumbo Celery Crescents."