Friday, August 13, 2010

School Bells Ringing

Hey Friends!

We had a great summer but now it's back to school for the kiddos!  We actually had a pretty cool summer, usually it's blazing hot this time of year.  My little guy spent time in the pool daily and I'm enjoying it right there with him.  But now it's Back to School and here are a few items to get ya' in the mood....

Cute Little Uniform...from Javals...and I love love love this wig!

When I watch the game this Vintage Stadium Seat is a must....from one of my favorite shops, OpenDoorStudio.

I love vintage bookends and this pair of Armadillos is too cute!  From Sassy Sister Vintage.

Look , 'Oh So Studious, in these cute Cat Eye Frames...from Marmalade.

Look sharp in this Scarlett Pillbox Hat....From Regal Vintage.

Homework homework get to work at this Vintage School Desk...from Modern Logic.


Here is a sassy but sweet Little Plaid Dress...from Marmalade.

And don't forget the Saddle Shoes...from  ThePuddingStoreVint.


I hope you enjoyed this little Back to School greeting!  Summer is practically gone and here is a list of all the things I will miss soooooo much!

1.Tan skin but not too tan and always protected with SPF.  We live in Southern California and it nearly impossible to not get tan.
2. Swimming pool.  We've been blessed with a big pool that we love to keep cool in.
3. Back yard BBQ's.  This is something we LOVE to do with our friends.
4. Independence Day.  Enjoying a spectacular fire works show.
5. Slurpees...are always the best when it's hot.
6. Swim suits, I love wear cute bikinis.  I just have to keep working on my figure.
7.  Shady trees.  We have over 20 shade trees in our yard and we all love them!
8.  Summer camp for the kiddo is always fun.
9.  Schools out!
10.Sandy Beaches.

I hope you had an amazing summer....Have a great weekend!


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