Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"So Smooth" for Halloween

I do not drink and do not plan on it but Keith Stone is "So Smooth".  This Halloween I would love to see the "Key Stone" man out and about.  It really is a simple, easy costume that will look... so smooth. LOL. 
Keith Stone is played by a Broadway actor Mitchell Jarvis that played in the Rock of Ages with Constantine Maroulis from American Idol.

What you will need for Keith Stone.
1. Old black cap
2. Black or gray T-shirt preferably a band T.
3. Faded jeans
4. Black Members only Jacket
5. Don't forget a 12 pack of Keystone.  
drink responsibly-no getting crazy ; )
What you will need for Kiki
1. Tight Purple tank
2. Tight blue skirt
3. Black tights and heels

Here are a few ideas....

Trucker Cap from RetroEra

Member Only Jacket from BlackRockVintage

I love Keith Stone and hope to see lots on Halloween night.  You might even see me as Kiki...

Even though I do am not a drinker I think this is a cute Halloween costume especially for a couple. If you are a drinker please please please be responsible, be safe, and never drink and drive.  Have Fun!



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