Tuesday, December 13, 2011

just me

We live in a very rural area, where some of our neighbors have horses, goats, and chickens. This is not something we will ever be doing, I am such a city girl. My husbands family is on the East Coast and we get to visit a few times a year. We just went and visited on Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, when we got back I had to have my dog put down. I have my little Jackson for 15 years and was completely heart broken to lose him. He was a wonderful dog and performed all of his friendship duties very well. I love him and will miss him dearly. They say all dogs go to heaven and I would love to believe that but I'm just not sure. Do they go to heaven? If he went to heaven I'm sure he jumped into my mamma's arms and now he is with my mamma and my daddy and that makes me happy.

Little Jackie you will be missed.


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