Friday, August 24, 2012

Etsy Talent

There are so many talented people on Etsy practicing creativity.  Here are a few of my friends sharing their talent by bringing the Etsy community a few of their gifts.  Most of the sellers have many talented gifts but here is just a taste of what they can do.  Click the link below each item to take you to their Etsy shop.

 JeannieRichard's Talent

Black Beaded Bracelet

Jurga's Talent

Silk Shawl

Pia's Talent

Porcelain Ceramic Brooch

Stella's Talent

Dusty Blue Lace Cowl

Amaya's Talent

Linen and Leather Clutch

Kelly's Talent

Olive You Forever

Yuliya' Talent

Sniff the Air

Texturable Fashion

Riding Pants

Rew's Talent

Vintage Rhinestone Necklace

Peg / Abacus Creations

Holiday Jewelry

Lori's Talent

Lucky Gold Elephant Bracelet

Andrea's Talent

Vintage Blue Books

Shadow's Talent

Smoke and Mirrors Vintage Bracelet

Thanks for looking!  Be sure and check out more of their work!

Miss Alice

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