Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have had such a busy beginning to the New Year! I started the New Year off with an injury during a hike.  This was not fun but I didn't think it was very bad so it didn't hold me back from doing too much.  Last week was my sons Birthday week and we had tons of activities planned. As a family we always stay very busy in all that we do.

When I broke my foot on January 3rd I went to emergency and I was put into a splint and felt much better after a few days.  However when I returned for my appointment with the ortho doctor everything changed. I was put in a cast up to my knee and told I may need surgery.  Yikes. What I thought was a small fracture has turned into a Jones fracture and an evulsion fracture, which means a ligament is broken off the bone. The worst of the two is the Jones fracture which is a fracture in that small pronounced bone on the side of your foot. This type of fracture doesn't always heel because of lack of blood supply which could mean surgery. I have never been casted in my life and I am now faced with a much slower paced lifestyle.  This is really hard for me because I'm the type of person that never sits still. I literally stay moving until my head hits the pillow but now that I have the cast and have strict orders to stay off of it completely I have no choice but to slow down.

Doing little things like sit at my desk is hard. The only way to feel comfortable is propping it up on a soft pillow and laying down. So for the next month I will be reluctantly taking it easy. I won't be able to work on my shop as much as I'd like to until I'm back on my feet.  I will have to rely on those around me for help doing little things.  I will catch up on some movies and a few good books.

I am learning to slow down and my family is learning to appreciate all the little things they usually take for granted. So far they have been such a big help. I look forward to be back on my feet and not having to rely on others quite so much in the near future.  I'm hoping and praying for a complete healing of this injury so that surgery is not necessary.


Miss Alice

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catie said...

i'm just now seeing this & i'm so sorry about your injury.
is that why there are some cute little knitted items popping up in your shop?
happy birthday to your little boy! mine is 8, as well : )
sending you healing vibes,