Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back On My Feet

My walking cast was taken off mid March and I am just now getting used to being back on my feet.  My foot is still off balance and needs some work but I'm getting there.  I had never broken anything in my life before this injury and I had no idea what to expect.  My whole leg was useless for a solid 6 weeks and I did everything I could to keep from being completely miserable.  I used my crutches a lot and tried to do as much as I could do given the condition I was in.  I went grocery shopping (I rode the scooter, yes I did), which was interesting and I went to all of my sons games and functions.

While off my foot, I became very concerned about my fitness level because I had been very active prior to this injury, hence why I broke my foot in two places.  I ended up watching a lot of documentaries on plant based and whole grain diets, vegan diets, get the idea.  I began to eat mainly plant based and whole grain, not 100% because I do have a little boy and a husband that has not grasped this concept yet but for the most part I modified my diet.  I recommend that everyone see Forks over Knives it will change your life for the better.

I also saw a much kinder side of humanity.  I had many doors opened for me and many people that came to help me load groceries or carry packages.  Everyone was very kind and sincere.  I also heard several horror stories of broken legs and feet that never heeled and looked quite scary once removing the cast.  However, I have healed well and will keep praying for a full recovery and no more fractures. For the record, my leg was very normal looking once removing the cast...I carefully followed all of doctors orders and never got the cast wet.

As for living on crutches it was not easy.  I still have marks under my arms from carrying my weight and perhaps holding the crutches wrong. Using crutches is a lot of upper body strength that I was not used to.  I have a whole new respect and empathy for anyone that is missing a limb or anything like that.  Everything is so hard to do. Most days I just watched documentaries and did not do much else.  But there are people out there that don't have a choice and live out their lives without the use of a body part and they are amazing.  I am so thankful to have my cast off and able to be back to my old self.  In a way, I think it was a nice break to take it easy and slow down for a change.  My husband has become quite the cook and my son was always happy to help.  I'm now going to the gym and have begun running a little bit at a time.  I still get achey but I'm more more aware of my body and now know the importance of taking it easy.  We all need little breaks from time to time.   

Miss Alice


Ali said...

Great news that things are getting back to normal! I've only had a leg broken once and it felt completely weird and weak after they took the cast off.


vintagemarmalade said...

Thanks Alina!